Who we are

Amigo Infoservices Pvt Ltd has been the reigning champion BPO consultant company in India since 2010. For 7 years now we managed to retain our image and our rightful place in the food chain by making sure that we offered quality services to each and every one of our clients. We’ve worked with a lot of companies so far, so we can’t list all of the names that we’ve guided in the past, but what we can do is we can at least mention the largest and most influential companies that we had the pleasure of consulting since 2010.


If you’re like me then you most likely didn’t ever think you’d need a company like Amigo Infoservices, but I can promise you this: They offer the best deals for the best prices. Period. A company like Amigo Infoservices is made to help smaller companies make it in the industry. I decided to call them and I’d happily do it again in the future. I suggest you do the same. Though it may not seem like the best idea to rely on another company, it is much better than deciding to go into it alone and fail. Always put your company above your personal pride.

Out of all of the companies that I’ve worked with in the past Amigo Infoservices has definitely been the classiest and most promising one. I’ve never seen a more capable consultant company in my life. They’re stable, they know what they’re doing and best of all, they’re very friendly and insightful. Amigo Infoservices is the most impressive company that I ever worked with. They know what their role is, so they don’t overstep their boundaries, and they focus on exactly what they need to focus on, aka you and your company.

You’re sorely mistaken if you believe that you can make it out there without a company like Amigo Infoservices. No company made it this far without anyone’s help. If you want to make sure that you make it out there then you need a consultant company backing you up, such as Amigo Infoservices. They are one of those companies that you hire once and then you end up saving up to hire them again. That’s just how good they are at what they do.